Fairtrade is not just a buying and selling process. It is creating a global family.

Tadesse Meskela, coffee co-operative manager, Ethiopia

Christmas with a Conscience Event

This exciting event will be on Saturday 10th November, in plenty of time for Christmas shopping. Get your Fairtrade and ethical Christmas gifts for friends and family.
It will be at Henshaw's Arts and Crafts Centre on Bond End in Knaresborough from 10am till 4pm.


There will be stalls from local ethical retailers including..

Please look around our website and if you would like to get involved with promoting Fairtrade in our area, in helping us maintain our Fairtrade borough status either contact us or just ask your shops to start stocking fair trade items.

Pictured: A Fairtrade farmer carrying newly cut bananas.

Juliana-Jaramillo is the name of a group of about 70 farmers in the Dominican Republic who sell bananas to the Fairtrade market. They sell 100% of their crop to Fairtrade, and the benefits to the farmers and their community are dramatic. (Many groups of Fairtrade-registered farmers can only sell a fraction of their crop to the Fairtrade market because there isn't yet enough demand.)