Fairtrade is not just a buying and selling process. It is creating a global family.

Tadesse Meskela, coffee co-operative manager, Ethiopia

Sainsbury's Protest


Members of the Harrogate Fair Trade Group and the Harrogate Fair Trade Shop gathered at Sainsbury’s on Saturday 28th October. They were lobbying the retailer not to drop the Fairtrade label on their own products. They talked to customers about the proposed change, encouraging them to sign the online petition. Later a letter outlining the group’s concerns was handed to the store manager. Further information is available on ‘don’tditchfairtrade.com’.

Clothing with Conscience 


On 16th May Henshaw's Craft Centre in Knaresborough hosted a fashion show ' Clothing with Conscience'. The aim was to showcase ethical clothing which could be bought locally . The finale was led by young people wearing Fair Trade tops provided by the Borough Fair Trade Group; and Harrogate Fair Trade Shop had their range of accessories on show.  


Bilton Gala

Harrogate Fairtrade Group attended the Bilton Gala on Monday 1st May. Here is a photo of members of the group at Bilton Gala.




The winners of the Harrogate Fairtrade Group's school's competition pictured with their Fairtrade Easter Eggs! 

They look good enough to eat! 



The Harrogate Fairtrade Group recently held a school's competition to design a wrapper for a Fairtrade chocolate or breakfast bar. There were some fantastic entries from Dacre Braithwaite School. The standard was so high that the judges chose three winners. The winning designs are pictured below. The school will be contacted soon and the lucky winners will receive their prizes, a Fairtrade Easter Egg! Very well done to all the entries.

The Harrogate Fairtrade group is holding a "Coffee Day". This will be on Saturday 13th May 2017 at St Peter's Church on Cambridge Street, Harrogate from 10 am until 3pm. Please call in to show your support and enjoy a high quality cup of Fairtrade coffee.

Here are some pictures of last year's poster competition.

The Harrogate Fairtrade Group now has produced window stickers. these will be appearing in Fairtrade outlets through the Harrogate area over the next few months.
Can you see the sticker on the window of Bean and Bud?

We are delighted that Yorkshire became the first Fairtrade Region in the UK in January 2013.

Harrogate Borough gained Fairtrade status in 2006, fulfilling the required 5 goals listed below.

Our mission is to continue to promote Fairtrade in the Harrogate Borough and to increase the use of Fairtrade products in all sectors of our area from little shops to large supermarkets, from small B&Bs to big hotels, from Primary Schools to Colleges, to include every religious and community group!

To become a Fairtrade Borough these 5 goals must be met:

  • The local council must pass a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and serve Fairtrade coffee and tea at its meetings and in offices and canteens.
  • A range of Fairtrade products must be readily available in the area’s shops and served in local cafés and catering establishments (targets are set in relation to population)
  • Fairtrade products must be used by a number of local work places (estate agents, hairdressers etc) and community organisations (churches, schools etc)
  • The council must attract popular support for the campaign
  • A local Fairtrade steering group must be convened to ensure continued commitment to Fairtrade Town status.

Please look around our website and if you would like to get involved with promoting Fairtrade in our area, in helping us maintain our Fairtrade borough status either contact us or just ask your shops to start stocking fair trade items.

Pictured: A Fairtrade farmer carrying newly cut bananas.

Juliana-Jaramillo is the name of a group of about 70 farmers in the Dominican Republic who sell bananas to the Fairtrade market. They sell 100% of their crop to Fairtrade, and the benefits to the farmers and their community are dramatic. (Many groups of Fairtrade-registered farmers can only sell a fraction of their crop to the Fairtrade market because there isn't yet enough demand.)